Calculate Your Drywall Area
Measure the distance from floor to ceiling for height and corner to corner for width. Do not subtract for openings like doors, windows or outlets. Round up if necessary.

 sq ft
Select Your Drywall Panel
Choose a panel size and note how many you will need. Aim to have the fewest possible joints (the seam where boards meet) by applying boards horizontally or vertically.

Panel Size 
Total number of panels required 

Finish with the Right Materials
Estimate the quantity of compound, tape and fasteners you need for your project. Remember that these estimates can vary depending on tools, application methods and job-site conditions.
Joint Compound
(Choose only one)

Ready-to-Use Compounds


Setting Compounds (Powders)
Gallons (gal)  
Litres (L)

Pounds (lb)   
Kilograms (kg)
Joint Tape
Drywall Nails
Drywall Screws

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This calculator is provided for general information only; the results are to be used only as estimates. Proper results are dependant on the accuracy of your measurements and assumptions.